Stacey M. Kroeze, LMP Lic # MA00014311

Stacey is a graduated with honors from Ashmead College and has been practicing massage in Washington since 2000. She is committed to living a healthy lifestyle and would like to help others do so as well. She has a passion for learning new ways to work with the body and enjoys integrating new techniques into her tool bag.

“I bring my intention, intuition, training and healing energy to each session. I believe in the innate ability of our bodies to self heal. Sometimes we need help to facilitate the reawakening of our true healing ability. Whether that help comes from a friendly ear to listen, advice on nutrition and food, a massage or bodywork session, each one of us are capable of moving into a more profound state of being with the help of others. Our bodies are capable of reawakening long forgotten abilities, or capability that we never thought that we possessed.”

“I do not consider myself a "healer," I help assist the body, mind, and spirit in healing.”